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Watch the Introduction to the film here, now available on DVD with subtitles. The introduction can...


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The video presentations by Prof Mark VanNess, Dr Nigel Speight and Erinna Bowman for “Exercise and ME/CFS – the evidence”, at Watershed Bristol on Feb 5th 2014, are available  to view online here under the ‘screenings’ tab. Please watch them and re-post them widely

A book chapter - “Reflections on ‘Voices from the Shadows’ after reading ‘Principles of Social Change’ by Prof Leonard Jason”  - can be found under the “Reflections” tab.


vfts01‘Voices from the Shadows’ is a compelling and intensely moving one hour documentary. It is an act of witness, supported by concerned professionals who reveal the heartbreaking injustice hidden in our midst. These are stories of life and death and although difficult to believe in this day and age, they are true: they happened. So many stories like these, stories of love, courage and determination, remain untold – and similar tragedies are still taking place……

The original “Trailer” can be watched  here on Youtube or here under the About the film pages onVimeo.

Watch the “Introduction” to the film – the first 4 mins – in English here  – or with subtitles in  GermanSwedishDutchItalianFrenchSpanishCzechJapanese on Youtube.


Screen Shot 2011-11-08 at 16.32.19World Premiere  - Mill Valley Film Festival, California, 2011

Audience Favourite International Documentary Awar


I think the film was powerful and it should be actually part of medical curricula in medical schools in the US… (it) shows how medical arrogance combined with narrow vision knowledge can be so toxic and can bring more suffering to a group of patients that are already suffering at deep levels. Dr Montoya - Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases and Geographic Medicine Stanford University School of Medicine - Stanford Medical SchoolWatch here.

Voices from the Shadows is a poignant documentary, which unveils the reality of people with severe ME/CFS and their carers… We hope that this type of initiative helps to promote a revision of preconceptions about ME/CFS in health researchers and professionals, and to bring renewed interest for research in this field, particularly in light of mounting biomedical research evidence in ME/CFS.     Dr Eliana Lacerda –  CFS/ME Observatory at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

New dvd cover frontIf I could make everyone in the world see just one film, this would be the film I’d choose. It’s my film of the year. It’ll be my film of the decade.
As a critic, I spend my life hoping to find films that will speak to me. “Voices from the Shadows” goes beyond that. It is a film that speaks for me. And I want you to hear it.      Scott Jordan Harris Chicago Sun-Times

Voices from the Shadows is the most important and significant film on pediatric ME that has ever been produced –  Prof. Leonard Jason Director of the Center for Community Research DePaul University Chicago




mill valleyThe film was born of desperation, made by the mother and brother of a severe ME patient. Contributors to the film have helped and participated by being interviewed, by allowing us to use to their documentary material and by giving feedback and approval at every stage.

News and updates on Voices from the Shadows will be posted on this site and on our facebook page

DVDs are not available at the moment.  The film will soon be available to watch online on Vimeo – sometime in October 2014. It is no longer easy to access on MUBI.