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Great Success at Stormont

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What ME Patients Wanted: “Don’t import psychiatric mismanagement of ME into Northern Ireland” they asked.

What ME Patients Got: Mr Jim Wells, the Health Minister-elect told them: “We are the converted. ME is NOT a psychiatric disorder”.


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Antoinette Christie and the group she chairs, ME Support Northern Ireland, arranged an amazing event at Stormont on Feb 18th with a screening of “Voices” and a presentation by Horace Reid. There was a good attendance of MLAs – Sue Ramsey: West Belfast, Samuel Gardiner:Upper Bann, Kieran McCarthy: Strangford, Roy Beggs:East Antrim, Jo-Anne Dobson:Upper Bann. Jim Wells deplored antiquated attitudes to the illness held by some doctors and congratulated the committees of MESNI and NEWry & Mourne ME/FM for their efforts to improve ME service within the NHS and promised his continuing support. Alderman William Leathem who is Mayor of Lisburn City Council also attended.

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“The Long Gallery was completely silent for the one hour duration of the film. MLAs stayed for the entire viewing, and a number of patients were in tears much of the time. There was a feeling that this breakthrough documentary should be shown far and wide, among the patient constituency and beyond it.” – from the MESNI Newsletter


A very fine newsletter about the event – produced by MESNI and Horace Reid – can be viewed here on the oneagleswings.me.uk website.

A copy of the brochure can be downloaded here.