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Naomi’s article in the Daily Telegraph

Naomi, who made a substantial and heart-rending contribution to ‘Voices from the Shadows’, has had a very moving half page article published in the Daily Telegraph paper today – June 24th. She writes vividly about her own experiences and more extensively about one of her friends, Emily, who died last year after suffering horribly – both from very severe ME and as a consequence of her experiences during various hospitalisations. One thing Naomi says in the article is particularly shocking –  ” Many of us have been so traumatised by being in hospital that we would risk our lives rather than consider admission.” What a tragic consequence of the terrible misconceptions about ME still held by many professionals and the media. It is good to see the Telegraph making an effort to correct some of the prejudice generated by media trivialisation of what can so often be such a very severe physical illness.

Naomi’s  article can be found here – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/10137694/Emily-didnt-only-have-ME.html