Voices from the Shadows

Research and Treatment Initiatives

Here are just a few examples of people and institutions involved in significant research initiatives –

The new Chronic Fatigue Initiative funded by the Hutchins Family Foundation involves the Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University, Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard Medical School, Duke University, NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, University of Miami and University of Utah.

James Baraniuk  – Baraniuk Lab, Georgetown University

John Chia –  www.enterovirusfoundation.org

Ronald W. Davis  – The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome research Centre (CFSRC)- Stanford Genome Technology Center  http://med.stanford.edu/sgtc/donation.html

Øystein Fluge & Olav Mella  http://bergento.no/2011/11/summary-media-coverage-cfs/ Haukeland University

Leonard Jason – Centre for Community Research, DePaul University, Chicago. http://condor.depaul.edu/ljason/cfs/

Nancy Klimas – Institute for Neuro Immune Medicine,  Nova Southeastern University. Also  http://cfinitiative.org

Andreas Kogelnik – Open Medicine Institute 

Martin Lerner –  www.treatmentcenterforcfs.com

Ian Lipkin & Mady Hornig –  Center for Infection and Immunity  Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University.  Chronic Fatigue Initiative 

Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik and Don Staines –  http://works.bepress.com/sonya_marshall/ Griffith University

Jose Montoya – Infection Associated Chronic Fatigue Initiative –  Stanford Medical School.  2014 Conference video cature available here

Luis Nacul and Elianna Lacerda – Cure ME – and UK ME/CFS Biobank – http://www.lshtm.ac.uk/itd/crd/research/cure-me/

Julia Newton  –  Newcastle University UK    MRC Award

Dan Peterson – Simmaron Research – http://simmaronresearch.org  www.bond.edu.au

Carmen Scheibenbogen – Berlin Charite –  http://immunologie.charite.de/en/patient_care/immunodeficiency_outpatient_department/chronic_fatigue_syndrome/

Staci Stevens, Chris Snell & Mark VanNess –  www.workwellfoundation.org

Jarred Younger – Neuroinflammation, Pain and Fatigue Lab – http://www.psy.uab.edu/younger/index.html

Marcie and Marc Zinn