Voices from the Shadows


If you or your organisation would like to host a screening of Voices from the Shadows, please contact us with the details. We now have educational/publics screening dvds which can be borrowed to use for arranging a screening.




  • Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo – May 24th 2014-  screening organised by  Japan ME Association
  •  Pier Pavilion, Penarth, Wales. 2pm. May 12th  2014. ME/CFS Awareness day. Screening of ‘Voices from the Shadows’ – organised by Noelle Rowlands and ME Support in Glamorgan
  • Aomori, Japan – May 12th CFS/ME Awareness Day  screening of ” Voices from the Shadows” followed by a talk on nutrition by Dr. Iwai
  • May 12th Blue light up on Aomori Sightseeing Products Centre “Aspam” This is the first Light Up in Japan for ME/CFS. The event is organized by a ME/CFS patient Maki Ishikawa with her supporters.
  • Smith College (Northampton,MA,USA) Minority Association of PreMed Students April 3rd. 2014. A screening with a special guest speaker – Deidre Tisdale. The Weinstein Auditorium, Wright Hall, Smith College in Northampton, MA.  info@masscfids.org
  • Bristol Watershed UK  Feb. 5th.2014. “Exercise and ME/CFS:the evidence”. Screening of “Voices from the Shadows” 30min version with Prof Mark VanNess, Dr Nigel Speight & Erinna Bowman. Hosted by Bristol North FM.E Support Group with Natalie Boulton. The presentations can be watched under the screenings tab  here 
  • St Albans Church  Screening organised by Kathy Goodchild.
  • Tokyo Dec 8th 2013. Screening at the Tsunagari Movie Festival. About 20 documentary movies on the disabled  were screened between December 5th -9th at Shibuya UPLINK, supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan.  “Voices” was  screened by Japan ME Association. The festival is organized to ask for integrative and fair welfare laws and elimination of discrimination towards the disabled.
  • Higashi Kurume City (Tokyo) November 3rd 2013. Organised by Japan ME Association the film screening was followed by a seminar by the Director of Kannai Clinic of Internal Medicine on how to deal with ME/CFS on daily basis.
  • Aomori, Japan October 13th A screening and information session for medical/welfare students and Japanese citizens at Aomori University of Health and Welfare, organized by Apples Association. The screening was followed by a seminar by Mr. Osamu Yamauchi on social security system and disability pension. https://www.facebook.com/manseihiroshoukougun
  • Zürich, Switzerland. November 2nd 2013.  A conference and film screening organised by Verein ME/CFS Schweiz at the Zurich University Hospital – UniversitätsSpital Zürich  Speakers included Dr. med. Leif Hanitsch (Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin) M.Sc. Internist und Pulmologe, Immundefekt Ambulanz “Diagnose, Behandlung und Forschung an der Charité und Update zu Rituximab” and Prof. Dr. med. Werner Z’Graggen (Inselspital Bern) Facharzt für Neurologie, Leiter neurovegetatives Labor “Orthostatische Intoleranz (Intoleranz der aufrechten Körperhaltung)”  The full programme is available to download  here.
  • Kanagawa, Japan. September 16th 2013. Japan ME Association organised a screening and a seminar by a member of CFS research group (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) Yoshihisa Yamano and the NPO representative Mieko Shinohara

  • Utsunomiya, Tochigi, Japan August 31st 2013.  Japan ME Association  organised a screening and a seminar by a medical social worker Mamoru Ogitsu
  • Gifu, Japan August 31st 2013. CFS/ME Patients Association” Egao no hanabira atsumetai”  http://egaonohanabiraatumetai.jimdo.com/ organised a screening and a discussion seminar by the association representative Akari Tsukamoro, a licenced social insurance consultant Mr. Hiroshi Nakanishi, and a city councillor Naoya Wada. The event was followed by collecting petition signatures from citizens in the street.

  • Glasgow, Scotland. August 1st 2013 at Cineworld.  A screening organised by Sam McInnes and introduced by Kirsty Strain. The talks can be watched at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SC7qY-vg53A
  • Tokyo, Japan. July 15th 2013. A screening of the film organised by Japan ME Association accompanied by a talk by a medical social worker and Meiko Shinohara.
  • Tokyo, Japan. May 22nd. Parliament Buildings organised by  Japan ME Association   A board member of the charity and of the Tokyo Medical Practitioners Association spoke at the event, along with Meiko Shinohara of ME Association ME.
  • Rome, Italy. May 17th 2013.  The Associazione MARA -Malattie Ambientali Reciproco Aiuto –  for ME/CFS, MCS and FM screened Voices from the Shadows  at the end of a national medical event ” Emergenza malattie ambientali. Sato dell’ arte diagnostico e therapeutico.” at the Campiodogio di Roma.
  • Osaka, Japan. May 12th 2013. A public screening for ‘International ME Awareness Day’ arranged by Kansai CFS Association. http://ameblo.jp/hiroukokufuku
  • Tokyo, Japan. May 11th 2013.  A screening for the Tokyo Medical Practitioners Association. Japan ME Association
  • STORMONT  – 18th Feb.2013. The Long Gallery, Parliament Buildings Belfast. Organised by ME Support Northern Ireland and sponsored by Sue Ramsey – MLA and Chair of the Health Committee – with an accompanying  presentation by Horace Reid who was previously an NHS Nurse in Orthopaedic Trauma before becoming ill.
  •  Hexham Forum Cinema. Saturday 24th November 2012. A public screening followed by a Q&A session with Dr Nigel Speight a Consultant Paediatrician who is a Medical Advisor to many of the main UK ME Charities and Dr Irving Spurr who worked closely with Dr John Richardson as a Trustee of  The John Richardson (Newcastle) Research Group since 1985.
  • Dumfries, Scotland.  November 21st 2012. A special medical professionals screening with Dr Nigel Speight Consultant Paediatrician and  Dr Gregor Purdie, Lead clinician for ME, NHS Dumfries and Galloway. Organised by Norma Turner of the Dumfries and Galloway ME Network.
  • Cambridge ME Support Group – a screening in Cambridge for members and invited medical professionals  –  October 17th 2012.
  • Newry, Northern Ireland  – The Mourne Country Hotel, Belfast Road, Newry,  – October 2nd 2012. Organised by Joan McParland and the Newry & Mourne ME/FMS Support Group followed by a Q&A session with Dr William Weir a Consultant Physician in Infectious Disease with a special interest in ME and Dr Jay Wiggan a Lecturer in Social Policy at Queens University.
  • Robert Burns Centre, Dumfries, Scotland. 27th September 2012. Dumfries and Galloway ME Network .  Screening followed by a Q& A session with Dr Nigel Speight – Consultant Paediatrician and  Dr Gregor Purdie – Lead clinician for ME, NHS Dumfries and Galloway.
  • Cheltenham Borough Council 12th June 2012  – screening organised by  ‘Fibro, ME/CFS Babes & Guys’.
  • Edinburgh  – Cineworld. Organised by EDMESH May 24th 2012. Edinburgh ME self-help group – followed by a  Q&A session with with Dr Vance Spence – chairman of MERUK, Dr Neil Abbot – Operations Director of MERUK and Dr Nigel Speight -Consultant Paediatrician. Report by MERUK here.
  • Doctors and Professionals accredited Training day organised by Sunderland and South Tyneside ME/CFS Support group – with Prof Malcolm Hooper, Dr Nigel Speight and Dr Irving Spurr , including a screening of Voices. May 19th 2012.
  • Launceston Library, North Cornwall – screening of Voices from the Shadows. May 11th 2012
  •  Scottish Parliament – aM.E. Awareness evening May 8th 2012, organised by the Cross Party Group on M.E.
  • Caloundra, Australia. Private screening for staff of Blue Care a Community Care organisation April 2012
  • Sunderland and South Tyneside ME/CFS support group – film screening at their monthly meeting. March 21st 2012
  • Sunderland and South Tyneside ME/CFS Support Group UK.February 18th 2012
  • British Library, London UK. Organised by Invest in ME – followed by a Q&A session with Dr Nigel Speight, Declan Carroll, and a local councillor. December 7th 2011
  • The Forum, Norwich UK. Organised by Invest in ME – speakers included Dr Ian Gibson. December 2nd 2011
  • Marin Community Media Center Channel 30 – A special Voices from the Shadows program  – introduction to the movie, the movie, the panel discussion and audience reactions.  5th & 6th November 2011 (comcast) on air at 7pm and 1pm
  • IACFS/ME (Special Sneak Preview) Ottawa, Canada. 22nd September 2011.