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Stanford ME/CFS Initiative Newsletter

DSC_1057 The Stanford ME/CFS Initiative website has been updated and a link to the Summer 2013 Newsletter is posted http://chronicfatigue.stanford.edu/documents/Newsletter_2013.pdf on the main page http://mecfs.stanford.edu

This is exciting news as Dr Montoya and his colleagues now have a solid  foundation in place so things really are starting to move more quickly and many more people are becoming involved. Recently completed research is listed in the Newsletter  and work is currently underway in the following areas –

Detection of infectious pathogens that may contribute to chronic diseases 

Investigation of gene expression and immune system dynamics of infection in acute and chronic diseases 

Assessment of neuronal and neurovascular changes in infection-associated CFS patients

Examination of cardiovascular health in patients with CFS

Use of qEEG to assess the neurological changes in CFS patients

Dissemination of CFS research

Subgrouping chronic fatigue syndrome patients by genetic and immune profiling

ME/CFS Biobank

Gene Expression and Immune System Dynamics in Acute and Chronic Disease- Lyme Disease Cohort

There are big plans for the future too – Educational outreach: We plan to host a major research meeting at Stanford University with the participation of international investigators to increase the understanding and the exchange of information in the field of chronic inflammatory disease. A biennial educational meeting aimed at practicing physicians, fellows, residents, and medical students will be initiated as well. We believe that we can significantly impact the field by re-educating the nascent and established medical community about the major and complex issues faced by our patients.” and  they also hope to form an inpatient Center for Infection Associated Chronic Diseases at Stanford.